Wednesday, August 10, 2011

free flowers before closing, if you don't mind daisies mixed with roses.

it starts raining, that warm summer kind. so you stand under a tree. talks of lucid dreams and ethics in board games. they want a donation, take two worn dollars from your pocket. they'll play bluegrass all night if you can find them a bowl. stemless wineglass, overpriced art, a bartender that winks at you.

they've got gardens growing in pots on their porch, their kitchen floor, their bathtub. basil and cilantro and tomatoes, life in five-gallon buckets.

positive thoughts, she says, positive thoughts. dreams of meditation and uninterrupted sleep. the river looks beautiful from here, open the windows and don't forget to feel it. lightning strikes the porch but it's okay because it makes it all feel surreal. like you're in a story that you know will end well.

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