Thursday, April 28, 2011

(Part II) The things left behind

Or maybe it's a way to be remembered.

My close friend's friend/roommate died in a car accident last week. My friend is Wonder Woman, the way she's flying around, re-stitching their lives. The phone calls, the errands, the trips to the PD, the morgue, the arrangements, the things left behind. Cracking pass-codes and throwing away secrets found in pockets and drawers. Cleaning out the fridge and sorting shoes and jeans and underwear. IDing the body. Saving voicemails and texts, indefinitely.

And I wonder about the things I'll leave behind. Shelves packed with book sale victories and tokens from national parks. Hard drives with half-finished stories and thousands of pictures. Stacks of unmarked burned CDs, colored discs for every mood. Favorite movies, home videos, video projects. Socks with holes in them, piles of worn-in flip flops. Clean and unwashed lingerie. A Facebook page, a couple e-mail accounts forever collecting junk mail, this blog.

I wonder how to go about losing people. And how to differentiate memories from things left behind.

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